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6 Easy Ways for Kids to Learn - Itasca Project Read

(1) Music. Kids like songs and catchy tunes. Think about how many times you've been unable to shake a song from your mind. Kids learn great lessons and ways of doing things such as learning your address, phone number, how to brush your teeth, state capitals, or even how to spell their names. (2) Repetition. Hearing and seeing something enough times helps a child learn. It

Brain and Learning - Itasca Project Read

Recent advances in brain imaging measures provide us with new information about the reading processes taking place within the brain.Brain and Learning | Reading Topics A-Z | Reading Rockets

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First Bike Clinic of the Year! - Shifting Gears Bemidji

First Bike Clinic of the Year! - Shifting Gears Bemidji Dan, Marie, and Pastor Bob at the first bike clinic in Cass Lake Alex with his new helmet Saturday March 24th we heldthe first Shifting Gears clinic of 2012 in Cass Lake. We are very excited about the new Peoples Church Site. Located at the corner of 2nd Street and Balsam, there is a large garage with a paved apron right on the street. Lots of storage space and work space inside and out. Perfect for throwing up the stands and getting to work.

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Squeeky clean - Yoga By Julie

Spring is a time for rebirth, blooming, new life and if you are me, cleaning! I have been on a mission lately to find safe & truly natural cleaning solutions that actually work for my big spring cleanse for the house. What does this have to do with yoga you may be asking yourself? Well in it's simplest form, it does touch on the first Yama, (whichare a rules or code of conduct for living), Ahimsa: Nonviolence.