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Team up to Green up - Save the Date!! - Itasca Project Read

Saturday April 21st9:00am - 12:00pmGrand Rapids Middle School


If Judy Garland were just her mannerisms, a thousand drag queens would be stars. But the centrifugal limbs, semaphore poses, and vibrato so broad it seems to have swallowed another vibrato are necessary, not sufficient, conditions. So its merely a good start that Tracie Bennett nails the externals as late-stage Garland in End of the Rainbow, Peter Quilters drama with songs, opening this week on Bro

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Tap Dancing with Style - Life in Reveiw

Does anyone out there tap dance? Boy I know for sure that I do not. I went to the Reif Center a couple of weeks ago to go to the show Rhythm of Dance which was a tap dancing and singing show that did songs from the Irish culture, this was really fitting since St. Patrick's Day was only 2 days away at the time. I was blown away by the amazing talent that was here in Grand Rapids, these dancers were so well trained you were convinced that they never took a break during the entire show, there chests were solid and never moved an inch during the the entire show.

Comedy is in the Air! - Life in Reveiw

Dear Fellow Countrymen, if you think you have had a bad week come on out and have a good laugh. The Grand Rapids Players are producing the all time favorite Roman Musical and Comedy A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. This play is a great musical and did I mention hilarious, come out and have a great time with friends and family. We just completed our first weekend of performances and I must say that they were unbelievable.

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A Mother's Day Lament - Northern Comfort

A Mother's Day Lament - Northern Comfort A Mothers Day LamentWhose bright idea was it to place the Minnesota fishing opener on Mothers Day weekend? I long for a lovingly prepared breakfast in bed, leisurely late church service, followed by a sumptuous twenty-foot-long buffet enjoyed in the bosom of my adoring family. Instead, I get a cold bed because Jack went fishing at three a.m. Breakfast is dry toast lovingly prepared by our kids, whom I have to hustle to church solo, while mediating the bickering over who gets to sit in the front seat (which in the era of air bags may not be such a prime location).

8 tips for great vacation photo's - Park Rapids Blog

8 tips for great vacation photo's - Park Rapids BlogI found these tips online and thought now would be a good time to blog about them. If you use any of the below tips, send your best vacation shots in the Park Rapids Area and I'll post them here! 1. Power upLearn to manage powerdead batteries ruin great photo ops. Always take two sets of batteries and a charger, says Jorge DaSilva, manager of Henry's School of Imaging. Use one set in the camera while the others set charges.Or invest in a super-long-lasting, clip-on, rechargeable Lithium Ion power pack, which can be used with most digital cameras, suggests photo instructor Larry Frank, a senior product specialist at photo wholesaler DayMen Photo Marketing Inc.The digital camera's LCD screen is a power hogturn it off and use the optical view finder most of the time, Frank says.