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Happy Easter As my child once said while telling the truth only the youth often speak, Easter is a holiday where people eat chocolate bunnies, paint eggs and eat ham. So this morning I wish to say this: I don't want to hear imaginary stories of a vaguely known Yeshua of Galilee rising from the dead. What we have is a story, repeated and never seen, where a couple ladies go back to a cave, see a rock removed, see no body, and then start spreading the rumor the person has risen from the dead.

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If Judy Garland were just her mannerisms, a thousand drag queens would be stars. But the centrifugal limbs, semaphore poses, and vibrato so broad it seems to have swallowed another vibrato are necessary, not sufficient, conditions. So its merely a good start that Tracie Bennett nails the externals as late-stage Garland in End of the Rainbow, Peter Quilters drama with songs, opening this week on Bro