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Fantasy Photos - Itasca Project Read

by Lisa Stowe Show off how zany your family really is by creating these altered portraits you can post on the refrigerator. What You Need Family photographs (or printouts)

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BSU Mass Communication Department Prepares Students - Community Supported Journalism

BSU Mass Communication Department Prepares Students - Community Supported Journalism Experience. That tends to be the word that makes college graduates heart sink as they look for post-college employment in their field of study. A lot of employers want at least a couple years of experience which tends to rule out graduates even if they've had an internship.At Bemidji State University the Mass Communication department gives its students an opportunity to gain some of that experience through participation in the campus' student-run media outlets.

Josh Graham DNR and Deer Population Survey - Community Supported Journalism

Josh Graham The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking public input on revised deer population goals by using an online survey. The survey can be found on The public is invited to comment to theDNR about their point of view regarding deer populations and to respond to the proposals made by the stakeholder teams created by the DNR. InFebruary theDNR worked withgroups they deemed to be stakeholders inassessing the deer population.

5 Mother's Day Gifts Under $5 - Community Supported Journalism

5 Mother's Day Gifts Under $5 - Community Supported JournalismPicture #1-I love you becauseoJar: $1.97oFabric: $.97oRibbon: $.97oFlower: $.99-Once you have made the gift, write on small pieces of paper all the reasons why you love your mother and put them in the jar. When you have given her the present, let her pull one piece out at a time, making it one special moment at a time.Picture #2-BookmarkoPhoto booth pictures: $3.00oColored Paper: $.99oRibbon: $.97-This present will allow your mother to think of her special angel/angels every time she sits down to relax with a book.

KONY 2012: "Cover the Night" in Bemidji - Community Supported Journalism

KONY 2012: BEMIDJI--Students at Bemidji State and citizens of Bemidji participated in the "cover the night" movement in effort stop Joseph Konyhead of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Ugandaby making him famous. "The idea that I could go my whole life without even hearing of this man was really disappointing to me," Danielle Proulx, a student at BSU said. The idea of making Kony "famous" came from the half hour YouTube video that went viral in early March.