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Today is damn close to the best day ever, @ href="https://twitter.com/Jesslilleberg">Jesslilleberg and I will not be homeless in august http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23townhome" title="#townhome">#townhome http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23bemidjimn" title="#bemidjimn">#bemidjimn

GRapidsLibrary 12:18 pm Wed Oct-10-2012

GRapidsLibrary: This week's library column is by Will, our reference librarian. Check it out! http://t.co/NCZfZc43

BrentRangen 9:22 am Wed Oct-10-2012

BrentRangen: RT @KISSmetrics: 5 Essential & Easy Social Media Metrics You Should Be Measuring Right Now http://t.co/mpMKebT9

BrentRangen 9:22 am Wed Oct-10-2012

BrentRangen: RT @mattmcgee: New blog post --> How to Create Local Content for Multiple Cities http://t.co/pOxYiXAk

BrentRangen 9:22 am Wed Oct-10-2012

BrentRangen: RT @fantomaster: RT @LisaBarone: 48% of users said it non mobile-friendly makes them feel like companies don't care about them. Awesome ...

GRapidsLibrary 11:27 am Tue Oct-9-2012

GRapidsLibrary: RT @maddifrick: got my library card @GRapidsLibrary - now let's see how long it takes to get those Northern Exposure dvds

GRapidsLibrary 11:27 am Tue Oct-9-2012

GRapidsLibrary: Be an Information Ninja! Visit the Grand Rapids Library today. http://t.co/XA3bQVMY

GRapidsLibrary 8:37 am Tue Oct-9-2012

GRapidsLibrary: Great presentation planned for tonight on the US-Dakota War of 1862. Minnesota's Civil War era battle. Tonight at 7:00 here at the library

GRapidsLibrary 2:46 pm Mon Oct-8-2012

GRapidsLibrary: New DVDs at our library this week include Safe, Snow White and the Huntsman, and several seasons of Grey's Anatomy. http://t.co/NWMEPus1

BrentRangen 8:09 am Mon Oct-8-2012

BrentRangen: #SEO Weekly Recap #news is out! http://t.co/3V2WoIRB ▸ Top stories today via @TrendTracker @alexbullo @scottpolk

rosscwilliams 9:49 am Sun Oct-7-2012

rosscwilliams: @adamliptak Can competent reporter cover vote by mail, without mention of Oregon where ALL vote by mail? No: http://t.co/dfN7K7oM

GRapidsLibrary 3:28 pm Fri Oct-5-2012

GRapidsLibrary: A couple new Young Adult books available at the Library are "Wake" by Amanda Hocking and "Fangtastic" by Lucienne Diver.

GRapidsLibrary 1:12 pm Fri Oct-5-2012

GRapidsLibrary: I'll try that picture again. ;-) http://t.co/MLVtHm9W

GRapidsLibrary 1:11 pm Fri Oct-5-2012

GRapidsLibrary: A little snow out our back window today. #seemsalittleearly http://t.co/LpRkX5TN

IronRangeMN 12:30 pm Fri Oct-5-2012

IronRangeMN: Snow's falling on the Range and its time to think about winter fun! http://t.co/4CiEwlMr

BrentRangen 11:04 am Fri Oct-5-2012

BrentRangen: RT @SEOSpy: RT @mashable: The Trippiest Cat Commercial This Side of the Litterbox http://t.co/rLpECHAl

BrentRangen 11:04 am Fri Oct-5-2012

BrentRangen: RT @toddmintz: Marketing morsels from: Luke Alley http://t.co/mAwCe0Tm via @ppcassociates

GRapidsLibrary 4:29 pm Wed Oct-3-2012

GRapidsLibrary: RT @HarlanCoben: Bored? Tune in TONIGHT @ 8 PM ET to chat w me on Twitter. Use hashtag #secondsaway to ask questions & win free book ...

IronRangeMN 3:45 pm Wed Oct-3-2012

IronRangeMN: Check out some of the best views of the Range at this FB page! http://t.co/3XzcSYru

BrentRangen 3:38 pm Wed Oct-3-2012

BrentRangen: RT @stuntdubl: Keyword Research for Link Building: Lateral Thinking http://t.co/zryn3Ysk